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As previously mentioned, e Rebel Penguin Federation has ranks similar to army ranks, here are some ings you can do to get promoted. Staying active on chat. As you have noticed, RPF is a big community, meaning at our chat can be very busy at times. Getting to know new people and making friends, will definitely change your experience here for e better! 05,  · Also, please go to e Help page if you are brand new to Club Penguin Armies. It will definitely help out! Some advice on getting ranks in RPF: Be active, come to battles and go on chat as much as possible. Don’t be mean to anyone for no reason. It’ll just get you in trouble. Support e army, whe er it’s weak or strong. 04,  · Join in on e hype in our main chat, and feel free to ask in help-desk if you have any extra questions. When darkness falls, our enemies fall wi it. Rebel Penguin Federation HCOM. Book k. OPERATION: OUTCLASSED [EU/US] – RESULTS. Promotions – 5/4/20. Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Your email address will not be published. E CHAT LINK IS PASTED BELOW Official RPF Chat Rules. Respect higher ranks, and make sure to follow orders. is is an army you know! 2. Do not ask for mod or . 23,  · join rebel penguin federatlon (quick tactic for events) if ey already have Discord, ask for eir tag, invite rough DM. if ey already have Discord, give em an invite code to welcome (note, ese not always show depending on e characters) List of Blocked Words: join us (semi blocked, must have some ing before or after). I never wanted is for you. I worked my whole life, and I don't apologize to take care of my family, and I refused to be a fool. Dancing on a string held by all ose big shots. 21, 2007 · 3) What’s your Club Penguin Username? daividh. 4) What Branch Do You Want To Be In? ines, Navy, AirForce? INES. 5) What division do you want to be assigned to? US, UK, or Ausia? UK. 6)Will you use e Rebel Penguin Federation (moderated) Chat? YES. 7)Who recruited you into e RPF? P219258274. I am a shal in e Rebel Penguin Federation or RPF for short. I am currently running e points system for our active and loyal troops! Point’s are earned by coming to practice battles, recruiting, and staying active on chat! e more points you get. e more ings you get to spend em on. Walk up to penguins or simply stand ere and say Join RPF or go up to people and say want to join a cp army , when ey ask what it is say rpf is a cp army we battle o er armies when ey ask how to join say exactly is browser clubpenguin rpf find us en press join If . Welcome to Rebel Penguin Federation CP! We're e biggest Club Penguin Army of e year. Join Rebel Penguin Federation CP today and get free Coins on Club Penguin! Left open to preserve RPF History on is day, ch 29, . e day of Club Penguin’s closure. Posts below is one from are from when e RPF temporily used is site. RPF today is currently part of e Rebel Federation, a massive online community of Discords, divisions, and teams. Site History: -: ClubPenguin. is site will be closed until e for e final Comeback of is generation. Ready carefully to understand what is going on. Hello RPF and e rest of e Army Community. Also, please go to e Help page if you are brand new to Club Penguin Armies. It will definitely help out! Some advice on getting ranks in RPF: Be active, come to battles and go on chat as much as possible. Don’t be mean to anyone for no reason. It’ll just get you in . Take is test to join e RPF Recon, if you join you are automatically, and your rank in RPF is ur rank in e Recon.. Whats your CP Name? 2. Are you in RPF? 3. What rank are you in RPF? 4. Give us at least 2 reasons why you want to join. Many people rightfully ask about rank and duties/responsibilities and what is expected of em and what ey can expect from o ers. In RPF, we do have quite an elaborate ranking system, as do most armies, but I'm going to break is down really into 3 major sections mostly shown in our chat:. Members, 2. Moderators, aka mods 31,  · Welcome to e official Join page for e Future of e Rebel Penguin Federation Boot Camp. We are an academy for all e troops who belong to e Rebel Penguin Federation, e most legendary Club Penguin army since 2007. A lot of e troops who have joined e Rebel Penguin Federation have become RPF Legends 11, 20  · Dear [members of] e Rebel Penguin Federation, I hear Emperer wants me back in e RPF. I apologize for my act of treason, at e time I did not realize how important e Rebel Penguin Federation were and most importantly, still are one of e most influencial forces on Club Penguin and in Club Penguin armies. e following is e history of e Rebel Penguin Federation. It goes rough about every post on e RPF site. It will be updated frequently roughout e years to come. Commando was e writer of , 2007 – ch 24, 20. ATM will do e rest. 8, 2007 |||| Club Penguin is an Internet game, somewhat of a chat room, but not really. Apr 08,  · RPF is on e road to ruin. e army was ought to be in such a bad shape at an RPF LEADER merged it into UMA, I do not know about you, but I cannot ink of any ing more blasphemous or lacking in respect for e noble institution at is e Rebel Penguin Federation. e Official CPIA Chat: is is e chat page where you can mingle and become friends wi o er CPIA members. Please follow all rules, but we’re not too strict about em GOLDEN RULE: e wo. e Rebel Penguin Force has been an inactive army for quite some time. To Clean up e army we need to do some changes. For one ing, our army is being renamed to e Club Penguin Peace Corps, or CPPC for short. I will post e link to our new site later. Stay tuned for more info on our Rejuke Project. RPF, a CP Army, Fight e Good Fight. 21,  · ALASKA, CP Army Hub Headquarters – In e latest edition of Footprints in e Sand, where we sit down and discuss a favorite moment wi a different member of our community every week, we will be featuring Action of e Rebel Penguin Federation! Action first joined e Rebel Penguin Federation around half a year ago on e 4 and has been staying wi e Rebels ever since. ,  · Editors Note: Rebel Cash, for ose ignorant of is fact, is e officially recognized currency of e Rebel Penguin Federation. CP Army Hub CEO LuciferStar has often recognized it as e currency of CP Army Hub as well. Elexonck: For our events, we offer Rebel Cash , our in-server currency, as a red for attending. However ere. 16,  · Hello ere! Recruiting is one of e most important ings in RPF. If we stopped doing it, we'd soon die! Because of is, we need to recruit as much as possible. Lots of people do, but don't get any credit for it. ose people are e unsung heroes. e Rebel Federation is an online community made for players, by players, originally organized in 2007 by a group of kids. Today, we have expanded to an all-around multi-platform gaming community, structurally organized toge er as a Federation of Discord servers, divisions playing similar games, and teams made up of groups of friends wi similar interests. Rebel Penguin Federation. e 4 Generation of RPF. Home HELP ME IM SORRY IM ON ICEBERRYS AND JOHNYS SIDE GOODWILL UR FIRED AND ALSO JOHNY AND ICEBRRY CAN U GIVE ME PROOF ON CHAT? OR SOME DETAILS AT LEAST AND IM NOT LEAVING 😉 CLICK E LINK TO JOIN [AUSIA REUNION] ember 22nd . We are e rightful owners of Mammo, . e Rebel Penguin Federation went on to reinvent e way armies were played, introducing every ing from Nations, to Practice Battles, to e Join Quiz you take when you join an army. RPF was e largest army of 2007, and continued at way well on into e opening of 2008. After Commando717 left, e RPF fell on harsh times for a while. 05,  · TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Empire – e Army of CP and e Rebel Penguin Federation agreed on a ceasefire treaty, extending eir existing one to uary 31st, 2021. At e start of , e Army of Club Penguin and e Rebel Penguin Federation agreed on a ceasefire, ending e World Rewritten between em. As e mon s went by, eir ceasefire allowed em to remain . Welcome to e official website of e Rebel Penguin Federation. Wee are one of e most legendary armies in Club Penguin! We were created in 2007 as a rebellion against Underground s Army by Commando717. We fight wi a strong desire and passion to be victorious, as well as enjoying e fun virtues of Club Penguin fare. 04,  · Join comments in e first week- 42 Join Comments. Join comments in combined weeks of first week+my absence- 54 Join Comments. Biggest Chat Size- 45. A few pictures, while not e best, I can get really quickly before I go. hitting 00 views on ird day: Goodbye, RPF. For now. I will be back Christmas Eve to talk. Over e past few mon s, e Rebel Federation has taken to e Twitch streaming platform as a way to promote community grow and bonding. As such, we in e RF Administration ided it would be best for you, e community we run e Twitch for, to help us . GO TO NEW WEBSITE, IS IS OUR OLD WEBSITE. GO TO REBELCLUBPENGUINARMY.WORDPRESS.COM FOR OUR NEW WEBSITE Allies: Nachos Ice riors Watex riors Army of Clubpenguin Rebel Penguin Federation TAFA UMA CAPA Eaglevikingclan Cp Clones Shadow Troops SGACP Secret Squad United Forces of Cp Republic of Cp Roman Fire riors ECCP CPSS - CLUB PENGUIN. 24, 2009 · Even ough is is probably my 25 resignation post, you are probably going to just ignore it. Next time I ask if I could rejoin you can ban me forever, at’s how sure I am at I ain’t coming back. e Rebel Penguin Federation has helped me in many ways. I have been in is army ever since my penguin was born, and when it is going to die. ζs lounge. ζs rules. 04,  · e Rebel Federation has been riving lately wi e grow and newest additions of its Teams and Divisions. e community is very connected, wi gaming being one of e core interests. While we tend to become super focused on our communities and groups, it is important to take care of. Mopia is an army founded on e 8, . ey were originally operating pri ily on Club Penguin Rewritten, until e security breaches of y 27, . Mopia took a unique stance on armies as a whole. For one, e higher-ups insist ey never officially had any leaders but ra er acted on isions as a community. Mopia would also claim to win wasn't eir reason for battling, but. Apr 19,  ·. What is your Club Penguin username? 2. Are you a member or non-member? 3. Are you currently a EPF Member? 4. How did you find our website? (CP, google, friend, cheat site, o er) 5. Do you have any experience in CP armies? If so please list all of it. 6. Did someone Recruit you?. RPF is a Club Penguin army. e initials RPF stand for Rebel Penguin Federation. While we’re not rebelling against a whole lot anymore, our foundation ( 7, 2007) was to counter e animosity and oppressive behavior from e higher-ups in e Club Penguin army, UMA (Underground s Army). No one else, no retired leaders of e RPF, no leaders of o er armies, and no cp army legends. be we will only have our two closest allies leaders as a mod on chat. We will have more news coming up for RPF soon, but at is all I have for now. I’ll chat wi you guys on chat! – Rebel Penguin Fed. Leader, Hurricanex1. Fight e Good Fight. Valve Corporation. All rights reserved. All trade ks are property of eir respective owners in e US and o er countries. Privacy Policy. Legal. Steam. World VII, also known as e Second Great Holy in e Templars' timeline, was a world from y to ust , initially starting between e Rebel Penguin Federation and e Templars.Later down e road, e would evolve into it's second phase, at being e United Armies of Club Penguin Online against e Red Dawn Alliance, leading to e to be renamed to World . 11,  · TUXEDO, Rebel Penguin Federation Empire – Starting on Tuesday, e Rebels enjoyed an enchanting, fun-filled Harry Potter emed week. is was clearly an engaging week for staff and troops alike, but what exactly happened during is eventful week? For eir emed week, members of e Rebel Penguin Federation were arated into e four Hogts houses: Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, . Welcome to e SWAT Army Of Club Penguin! We are one of e largest and strongest armies of Club Penguin. Our goal is not only to protect all of Club Penguin from evil, but to be e best and most fun army around. If you would like to join, go to our join page, and fill out an application. Below is e RPF uniform, a set of clo ing to designate e RPF on Club Penguin.. If you do not have any ing close to is uniform, do e best you can to make yourself look like one of us, and at least turn black during combat. – IF YOU DO NOT HAVE E RPF UNIFORM A UMA reunion event hosted on 14, . Rebel Penguin Federation. Alien joined e RPF on 13, and became active in e army, participating in e events and being active in e RPF Discord.

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