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FMU-141 Harpoon Cruise Missile Fuze. FMU-146 TASSM Cruise Missile Fuze. FMU-148 Tomahawk Cruise Missile Fuze. FMU-152 Joint Programmable Fuze (JPF) FMU-155 SLAM-ER Cruise Missile Fuze. FMU-156 JASSM Missile Fuze. FMU-161 ATACMS Missile Fuze. Mk54 SM-2 and SM-6 Standard Missile Fuze. M- 0 Hawk Missile Fuze. FZU-49 AMRAAM Missile Fuze. Brimstone. • FMU-139B/B fuze is interoperable wi all FMU-139A/B applications • Compatible wi laser guided bombs and wi low and high speed drag air foil groups • Compatible wi DSU-33A/B and DSU-33B/B proximity sensor • FMU-139 currently in use wi MK80 series Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) • Being Replaced by FMU-152 Joint. 06, 2007 · FMU-152/B: JPF (Joint Programmable Fuze) Tail-Mounted Multifunction Programmable Fuze. manufactured by Alliant Techsystems. used wi MK 8x series bombs, BLU- 9/B, BLU-1 /B, BLU-111/B, BLU-113/B, and various GBUs using ese bombs FMU-153/B. FMU-152/B ELECTRONIC BOMB FUZE e FMU-152/B is an advanced fuze system for use in general purpose and penetrating unitary heads. e FMU-152/B provides safing, in-flight cockpit selection, and multifunction and multiple delay arming and fuzing functions. e FMU-152/B is a multifunction. multiple delay fuze system wi hardened. FMU-159 Hard Target S t Fuze FMU-152 Joint Programmable Fuze Hydro-static Sensor. Fuze EffortsFuze Efforts Missile applications JAMI ESAD Flight Termination Safe-Arm Device FMU-155/B SLAM ER MK-54 STANDARD MISSILE FMU-111/B HARM FMU-148/B Tomahawk MK-33 Sparrow MK-88 Sparrow ESAF MK-13 Sidewinder. Joint Programmable Fuze Current Schedule Basic Contract Ad FMU-152 Design FAATs Operational Test LRIP Deliveries Option 1 Deliveries Option 2 Deliveries Option 3 Deliveries Option 4 Deliveries Option 5 Deliveries Option 6 Deliveries Option 7 Deliveries Option 8 Deliveries FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY FY11 FY12 11,670. e FMU-152A/B Bomb Fuze is a Multi-Function Hard/Soft Target fuzing system developed for use by bo NAVAIR and e USAF in e MK80 series, BLU- 9, BLU-1, BLU-111, BLU-113, BLU-117, BLU-122 and in con- ction wi JDAM and Paveway weapon kits and wi High Drag and Low Drag Tail Kits. e FMU-152A/B fuze is a Multi-function, electronically programmable Hard/Soft Target Fuzing System. e fuzing system consists of a cylindrical fuze and a closure ring in e NAVAIR application. An additional turbine generator (FZU-55A/B), cable assembly is used for e USAF application. fuze. A fuze is a device at causes e detonation of an FMU-152, FMU-139 + 00 8 + 00 Deflagration Deflagration to detonation (after 12 minutes) M904E2/E3 wi M148/T45. 05, 1996 · 13 FMU-152/B JOINT PROGRAMMABLE FUZE POC Contact Captain Tom Miller, Contracts Manager, (904) 882-8787, ext 3087, or Lt. Col. Richard S. Lewis, Contracting Officer, (904) 882- 8787, ext 3202. e Weapons Projects Program Office at Eglin AFB FL plans to acquire an additional quantity of approximately 250 FMU-152/B Joint Programmable Fuzes. Aircraft F-15, F-16, F18, F-22, F-35, F-111, B-1, B-2, B-52, and Non-U.S. Ground Attack Aircraft. Setting Compatibility Manual From Cockpit via FFCS Shelf Life years Service Life 360 days (out of shipping container) FMU-139C/B Bomb Fuze System Kaman Precision Products is a division of Kaman Aerospace Group Spec FMU-139C/B-BombFuze System 5-5-. 07,  · Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) Design. e FMU-152/B fuze connector is connected to a stowage receptacle on e inside surface of e tail structure, when not in use. • FMU-152 (Joint Programmable Fuze) • DSU-33 (Proximity Sensor) 3) Sustainment Approach (Hill AFB) • 784 Combat Sustainment Group – 506 Combat Sustainment Squadron • FMU-139 (Electronic Bomb Fuze) • FMU-143 (Electronic Bomb Fuze) ree Me ods of USAF Fuze Acquisition (Cont) USAF Fuze Acquisition Process. 07,  · e training kit consists of a FMU-159(D-1)/B inert programmable bomb fuze, a FZU-60(D-1)/B dummy initiator, lock ring, adapter cables, lanyards, and associated harde. e training kits . FMU-159/B Hard Target S t Fuze No Place To Hide HTSF s t modes include programmable Void Sensing, Layer Counting, and Dep of Burial, as well as traditional Time Delay after impact. e HTSF is a flexible, single fuzing system designed for bomb and missile penetrator weapons. Accession Number: AD0872291 Title: Users Manual for FMU-26/B and FMU-26A/B Bomb Fuze. Descriptive Note: Final rept. 13 62-30 67, Corporate Au or: HONEYWELL INC HOPKINS MN ORDNANCE DIV Personal Au or(s): Cordes, Raymond L . Moore, Patrick H Report Date: 1970 Pagination or Media Count: 111 Abstract: is document contains descriptions of e FMU-26/B and FMU . title: high-risk munitions identification guide subject: high-risk munitions identification guide keywords. BLOOMFIELD, Conn. - Kaman Aerospace Corp. announced today at e Kaman Dayron unit in Orlando, Fla., has received au orization from e U.S. Air Force to begin production of e advanced FMU-152 A/B Joint Programmable Fuze (JPF) following successful completion of qualification testing by bo Kaman and e Air Force. FMU-139 Description General-Purpose, Electro-Mechanical Bomb Fuze • Joint-service fuze (NAVAIR PMA-201 is lead service) • Used wi M117 and MK80 GP heads, incl. JDAM and Paveway • Out-of-line, rotor-based safing and arming Versatile, Multi-Mode Performance • Selectable arm times: 2 . Joint Programmable Fuze Current Schedule Basic Contract Ad FMU-152 Design FAATs Operational Test LRIP Deliveries Option 1 Deliveries Option 2 Deliveries Option 3 Deliveries Option 4 Deliveries Option 5 Deliveries Option 6 Deliveries Option 7 Deliveries Option 8 Deliveries FY04 FY05 FY06 FY07 FY08 FY09 FY FY11 FY12 13,360. FMU-139 C/B Lab Example • HALA Simulation Procedure – Set low drag arm switch to 20 seconds. – Apply 1.6 seconds of turbine power to e fuze, at peak amplitudes of 0, 80, 60, and 40 volts. – Remove power and turbine release. – Monitor e firing capacitor to see if e fuze arms. – Monitor e fuze operational life. e FMU-143 is e only qualified production fuze for use in today's hard target defeat weapon systems,'' Fine said. ATK Missile Products Division vice president and general manager Cary Ralston said e company will partner wi its team-mate and customers to deliver e critical capability to . Joint Programmable Fuze FMU-152A/B FZU-63/B Bomb Fuze Initiator Closure Ring Power Cable Safety Pin Assy HARD TARGET VOID SENSING FUZE FMU-167/B e Hard Target Void Sensing Fuze (HTVSF): Cockpit Programmable Multiple Arming Delay Times Void Sensing Function Multiple Function Delay Times 3:20 Wednesday Closed Session Hard Target Void. Files must be less an 2 MB. Allowed file types: gif jpeg png pdf doc docx xls xlsx. FMU-140/B DISPENSER PROXIMITY FUZE e FMU-140/B (fig. 1-13) has an optional arm and fire (timer) mode. It is used wi e Rockeye II and Gator weapons. e FMU-140/B is a self-powered doppler radar device acting as a radar altimeter. Fuze, e leading cloud-based communications provider for e modern global enterprise, today announced at it has been aded a new patent for advanced systems and me ods for intelligently. ˙(3(4˘:04.*53-:04. 1(3(4*53 W ˙ ˜ˆ˚˙ ˆ˘ ˇ ˘ ˝˝ ˚ ˇ ˝ˆ ˚˛ ˆˇ. &, (7, ˙(3(4 FMU-139C/B Electro-mechanical impact, impact delay. FUZE FOR E AC130 GUNSHIP FMU-160B: 5mm PROXIMITY FUZE FOR E AC130 GUNSHIP Telly Manolatos Electronics Development Corp Bob Hertlein, Dave Lawson KDI Precision Products, Inc. April 16-18, 2001 Long Beach, CA. Report Documentation Page . 3.4.13 Honeywell HomMed Genesis Touch include e Fuze Meeting visual 3.52 LG Telemonitoring S tcare System 5..7 Au entidate Holding / EncounterCare Solutions Joint Venture 5.11 Axon. is document contains detailed descriptions of e FMU-72/B bomb fuze, e operation of e fuze, and e operation of e fuze subassemblies wi eir relationship to e arming and event functioning of e fuze, e performance values for e subassemblies wi acceptable tolerances, and e effects of temperature, vibration, rough handling, impact, and G-force environments on e fuze. 27,  · e company's FMU-167/B Hard Target Void Sensing Fuze, or HTVSF, is under development by e U.S. Air Force. It is a programmable fuze . Figure 1-19.-FMU-14O/B dispenser proximity fuze. and Gator weapons. e FMU-140/B is a selfpowered doppler radar device acting as a radar altimeter. Arming times and functioning altitudes are variable and are preflight selectable on e fuze faceplate, located on e side of e fuze. In e proximity mode, if e preselected altitude. gbu fuze well seal nut wrench: x9839066: fmu-143 locking ring removal tool: x9840315: ala-17 flare fixture: x919858: mb-4 vehicle trailer connector continuity tester: x919902: cnu-131 t-bolt removal tool: x9015861: combination spanner wrench: x9531840: 5mm fuze installation/removal tool: x962559: f-16 ammo drum handling bar: x9532906: fmu-152. Title: Slide 1 Au or: omasa Created Date: 1/18/ 4:19:33 PM. e purpose of is program was to evaluate e FMU- 5A/B Guided Cluster Bomb Proximity Fuze while operating in ei er a sinusoidal or random vibration environment. Additionally, an antenna system was developed for e FMU- 5A/B for use on e GBU-1/B, GBU-2/B and Guided SUU-S1 munitions. e FMU- 5A/B is a modification of e FMU-56C/B Proximity Fuze to provide a proximity fuzing. Fuze FMU-54B FMU-54A/B Type: TAIL – Inertia Country: USA Body: Aluminum Total weight: 3 lbs Total leng : 8.8 in Diameter: 2.87 in Booster: weight. 22, 2009 · For e FMU-153/B PD/Delay fuze, such sum y descriptions of capability should address specific critical processes in e production of is legacy fuze. For e FMU-160/B, e description of capabilities should address specific components and processes needed for height-of-burst proximity functions. A fuze is an electronic, pyrotechnic or mechanical system at initiates e detonation of a head, bomb, or o er piece of ordnance.It be as simple as a device at senses contact wi e target, or as complex as a computing system at counts e number of airspaces penetrated by a bomb entering a building and triggering e detonator on a specific floor. FMU stands for Fuze Munition Unit. FMU is defined as Fuze Munition Unit rarely. Printer friendly. Menu Search. New search features Acronym Blog Free tools Florida Metropolitan University, Inc. (now Everest University) Future Mobile and Ubiquitous Information Technologies. Flower Mound United Me odist Church (Texas). Fuze FMU-139 A/B Type: TAIL – Inertia or proximity wi sensor Nose – Impact delay Country: USA Body: Aluminum Total weight: 3.5 lbs Total leng : 8.8 in Diameter: . 28,  · e all-electronic FMU-139D/B will deliver game changing capabilities in e areas of reliability, increased fuze functionality, and added capability to defeat hard and deeply buried targets. What is e abbreviation for Fuze Munitions Unit? What does FMU stand for? FMU abbreviation stands for Fuze Munitions Unit. DUMMY FUZE,BOMB. FUZE SYSTEM,BOMB Product/Part Number FMU-152A/B AERONAUTICAL AND SUPPORT EQUIPMENT. Procurement: Invalid emails will appear to work, but in reality we will NOT receive em. Please make sure you type it correctly. User Details. Full Name * . Looking for online definition of FMU or what FMU stands for? FMU is listed in e World's largest and most au oritative dictionary database of abbreviations and acronyms e Free Dictionary. Federal Contract Opportunity for FMU-152A/B Joint Programmable Fuze FA8681-18-R-0005. e NAICS Category is 332993 - Ammunition (except Small Arms) Manufacturing. Posted 17, . Due 21, . Posted by e AFLCMC Eglin AFB (DOD - USAF - AFMC - AFLCMC). e work will be performed at Chawhatchee Blvd, Eglin AFB, FL 32542, USA. Establish Nonrecurring Cost (NC) Recoupment Charge - Artillery, Fuze Precision Guidance Kit (PGK) XM1156, DODAC 1390-NA28, (Increment 1) Rescinded -03-12. 1 day ago · Kaman Corp (NYSE:KAMN) Q3 Earnings Conference Call ember 05, 08:30 ET Company Participants Ian Walsh - President & CEO James Coogan - VP IR & Corporate Development Neal Keating. 04,  · is performance was driven in part by a higher volume of sales from our lower gin structures programs, partially offset by e addition of e higher gin product portfolio at Bal Seal, and e mix of bearings products and joint programmable fuze (JPF) sales in e quarter.

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