Library Rules


  1. School and classroom rules apply to the library.
  2. Students must talk in an appropriate voice for the library
  3. Students must be seated when and where the teacher/library staff directs them.
  4. Students must show appropriate respect for the staff, other students and classes, books, materials, and technology.
  5. Food and drink are allowed only for special occasions designated by the library staff.
  6. Students who wish to use computers must have a current technology use agreement on file at the school and have a specific assigned task (no surfing).
  7. Students must obey copyright laws.

Library Hours


Students may visit the library in the early morning between busroom dismissal and first period.  Reading classes come to the library approximately every two weeks and students are generally allowed to check out books for class and for pleasure on these visits.  On other days, teachers reserve the library for student research and projects.


If you are visiting in the early morning, you must find and check out your materials quickly enough to get to your first period class on time.  Therefore, it helps to know what you want.  You can always see what we have and what is currently in the library by checking online throughout the building.


Students may return books at any time to the drop slot on the end of the library circulation desk.  You may also hand books to the library staff when you seem them on hall duty outside the library's side entrance.