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Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC) 

Currently available only on the Maury County Schools Network at any school. Go to library media centers under www.mauryk12.org and select E.A. Cox Middle School Library.  Two CMS library computers remain on the OPAQ at all times.


Links for Students and Teachers

Virtual Middle School Library has many resources, links, and search engines for students, teachers, and librarians.

Resource Links & Search Engines selected for both student and teacher use.

Reading a Series and Want to Know the Next Book?   Looking for a Good Author and a List of Books?  Check these links:

Bettendorf Public Library Information Center Teens Page

Mid-Continent Public Library—Series & Sequels

Tennessee State Standards



The Daily Herald

The Tennessean

USA Today

The Wall Street Journal

Washington Post

Print copies of The Daily Herald, The Tennessean, and USA Today are available each day for use in the CMS Library.  They are located on the periodical shelving.

Resource Links & Search Engines for

Students & Teachers

Try these links when completing homework or research assignments:

(Some sites may require a password for remote at-home use.  Check with your teachers or the library staff.  They may have the password.)

Maury County Public Library

http://reads.lib.overdive.com  (to download books via the public library)

Tennessee Electronic Library

—Many reliable research tools provided by Tennessee taxpayer dollars— 

The Tennessee Blue Book

The Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture


Ask Jeeves

Ask Jeeves for Kids

All4one Search Machine

Alta Vista Search Engine 

Channel One


Dogpile EduHound.com EducationPlanet

Excite Netsearch

Find-It! Search Engine

Foreign Search Engines - AllSearchEngines.com





Information Please

International Search Engines (select by country or category)

Internet Public Library -Teen

Internet Public Library -Youth










WebCrawler Search Engine

Yahoo Search Engine

Yahooligans Kid's Search Engine


Social Studies Resources

The Tennessee Blue Book—Information on the government & history of Tennessee.

The Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture

Tennessee History for Kids—All content is based on curriculum standards and is classroom-friendly and interactive.  This site, sponsored by Nissan, is written and approved by experts on Tennessee history, civics, and geography.

Tennessee Electronic Library—Many reliable research tools provided by Tennessee taxpayer dollars—

CNN Newsroom - A free instructional program for teachers to bring the world into their classrooms with in-depth news stories, as well as world and regional events designed exclusively for students.

Newsweek Education Program - A site designed to help teachers build bridges to real-world issues.

50states.com - State information resource links to state homepages, symbols, flags, maps, constitutions, representatives, songs, birds, flowers, trees, etc.

EyeWitness - Using personal letters and essays, Eyewitness History takes a look at major events in history from the perspectives of eyewitnesses.

Discovery Channel

Florida Geographic Alliance Lesson Plan Collections - These geographic lesson plans are made available by year of creation and are free of cost.

Map Collections - Map collections from 1544 to 1996 organized according to seven major categories.


GeoNet - Free geography resources including revision help, case studies, lesson plans and worksheets.

United Nations Cyber School Bus - Provides information on current global issues, and also offers lesson plans, teaching modules, classroom activities and more.

Geographia Homepage - In-depth destination guides to over 75 countries, online tourist offices, travel stories and more.

The Library of Congress—Abundant resources in varied formats

Let's Go Around the World - A fun and very informative global exploration site.

National Geographic

Medieval Studies - This page links to Walter Reed Middle School and will further link you to sites specially selected for the study of Medieval life. Learn what foods were eaten, find recipes, the latest in weaponry, what towns were like, what kinds of clothes people wore and much, much more.

People's Country - PBS's People's Century discusses the "History of the People," for the people, as told by the people who lived it.

National Archives: The Digital Classroom - This site gives teachers and students access to online historical documents.

HyperHistory - Navigates through 3,000 years of world history.

The History Channel - Daily historical facts and events, famous birthdays, world history and music history.

The History of Today - Daily historical facts and events, famous birthdays, world history and music history.

History Place - Great online history exhibits includes World Wars, Lincoln, Kennedy and more.

History/Social Studies Web Site for K-12 Teachers - The History/Social studies Web Site for K-12 teachers ia a good resource for social studies on the Web.

USHistory.org - American History with a focus on Colonial and Revolutionary Philadelphia.

A Complete List of Resources on Multicultural Resources - The world has become more culturally diverse in the past two decades, and presently, it is impossible to find a country that has only one race or religion. According to the International Organization for Migration, there are over 300 million migrants in countries around the world today, and these migrants introduce new cultural influences to the foreign lands where they reside. As the world adopts a new multicultural identity, it is important for parents to teach their children to appreciate and respect other people’s cultures, so that they can live harmoniously with people of different races and religions. Here are a number of websites that provide more information about multicultural education.

Multicultural Home Page - Country pages cover a wide range of information: geographical, historical, arts, weather, recipes, tourist information, etc.

The Virtual Study Tour - With this architectural virtual tour, you can visit the Knossos Labyrinth or the Palace of Ramses III.

The Arts

Visual Arts, Drama, & Music

Art History Resources on the Web

Artcyclopedia - A comprehensive index of every artist represented at hundreds of museum sites, image archives and other online resources.

Artsedge - Helps teachers and students share and gain access to information resources and ideas that support the arts as a core subject area in the K-12 curriculum.

Art Education and ArtEdventures - With this site students can create art through hands-on activities and technique demos. Visitors can also study art, play art games and get pointers on teaching art.

Artsonia Student Art Museum

Art Projects for K-12 - A collection of art projects including stained glass, drawing, etc.

CHICO Instrument Encyclopedia

Complete Works of William Shakespeare

Creative Drama and Theatre education Resource Site - Find resources on creative drama and theater education.

The Drama Teacher's Resource Room - Includes lesson plans, tips on setting the perfect stage, textbook recommendations, and resources.

The Getty - This site includes lesson plans, curriculum ideas, image galleries, a publication catalog, highlighted topics and much more.

How to Read a Painting - Using these techniques will enable students to approach art with a critical eye, understanding both the principles of design and the elements of art at work.

Kenneth Taylor's Drama in Education Site - Includes lesson plans, links, books and resources.

Music Education at DataDragon.com - Provides tutorials, guides, information on musical genres, history of music,  instruments and links to other related sites.

The Symphony - An Interactive Guide

Tennessee Electronic Library—Many reliable research tools provided by Tennessee taxpayer dollars—

USCB Music Library Guides - Library Guides provide research assistance on the topics listed. These Library Guides are also available in print in the Music Library.

Mathematics Resources

Algebra Solver—S.O.S. Mathematics site is good for review and practice.

DoYourMath - On this site you can find interactive practice and learning math tests.

Gomath.com - Students can e-mail their math questions and be helped by tutors with extensive teaching experience.

Geometry.net - A comprehensive math search engine for middle school math and above.

Mathematics Archives - This comprehensive source covers a wide range of different topics in mathematics, software, and teaching materials.

Math.com - This site offers different sections for students, teachers, and parents. The teacher area has lesson plans, classroom resources, career information, standards and free stuff.

Teach ALL Students the Multiplication Facts - Activities, games, and worksheets to help teach the multiplication facts.

Tennessee Electronic Library—Many reliable research tools provided by Tennessee taxpayer dollars—

Flashcards for Kids! - Designed to allow people to practice math at various levels of difficulty.

English & Reading Teachers

Purdue Online Writing Lab  - for MLA and other writing and research tools and guides

Acronym Finder - The Acronym finder is a large searchable database, containing about 155,000 acronyms, abbreviations and definitions.

Bartleby.com: Great Books Online - Bartleby.com publishes thousands of free online classics of literature, nonfiction and reference.

CLWG: Children's Literature Web Guide - Internet resources related to books for children and young adults.

Creative Drama and Theatre education Resource Site - Find resources on creative drama and theater education.

Dictionary.Com—Dictionary, thesaurus, and reference guide

EDSITEment - This comprehensive humanities resource site features lesson plans for literature and links to the best resource sites on the Web.

The English Server - This site contains over 20,000 articles, as well as poetry, fiction, nonfiction and much more.

The Internet Classics Archive - Students can read many classics form the Odyssey to Plato's Apology, and they can find history on Tacitus and others.

Kenneth Taylor's Drama in Education Site - Includes lesson plans, links, books and resources.

The Library of Congress—Abundant resources in varied formats

National Council of Teachers of English Teaching Ideas - Links to teaching ideas selected from NCTE publications, or submitted directly by teachers.

Tennessee Electronic Library—Many reliable research tools provided by Tennessee taxpayer dollars


Amazing Space Web-Based Activities - This site covers everything from space topics to the Hubble Telescope.

Biology 4 Kids - Includes the chemistry of biology and how the world of biology is studied, as well as cell structure and function.

California Space & Science Center - Lesson plans and other resources for teachers with an emphasis on space exploration.

A Dictionary of Measures, Units and Conversions - This site provides a summary of most of the units of measurement to be found in use around the world today, with the appropriate conversion factors.

Dictionary of Units of Measurement

Dinosaurs Dinosaurs Dinosaurs! Dino Don Lessem - Dinosaur expert Dino Don Lessem presents dinosaur news, art, contests, and the Lost World Jurassic Park Traveling Exhibit.

Discovery Channel

eNature.com - The complete nature and wildlife resource featuring the Audubon Guides to plants and animals.

Introduction to Windows to the Universe - Designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels, this site ia a first rate trip through earth and space science by means of multimedia exhibits

Learning About  Photosynthesis - Follow their links to resources that discuss photosynthesis at varying degrees of complexity.

National Geographic Education - National Geographic's Web site for teachers, with lesson plans and online activities.

Planet Pals Earthzone - Alive with colorful cartoon characters, this interactive resource teaches about ecology, natural resources, the planet Earth and its care.

Tennessee Electronic Library—Many reliable research tools provided by Tennessee taxpayer dollars—

Weather Channel - For the weather-savvy educator, this site offers lesson plans, teacher's guides and more, including additional online teaching resources.

Welcome to BioTech - Extensive site that includes a useful dictionary, chemical acronym databases, directories, educational guides, science resources and articles.

Physical Education/Health

Health Teacher.com - Provides a comprehensive, sequential k-12 health education curriculum that consists of almost 300 lesson guides that meet National Health Education Standards.

PE Central - Provides the latest information about instructionally appropriate physical education practices and programs

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